Accessarration – Narrating the stories behind the accessories – Why this blog?

I’ve long had a passion for accessories, with people often telling me I have too many and me looking at them dismayed thinking “is that even possible?” Rather than following in the footsteps of many other blogs out there, which showcase how to style accessories, I wanted a point of difference. I’ve always had an inquisitive mind wanting to know the story behind what I see. Seeing a beautiful piece of jewellery or a standout handbag is no different. For me, I want to know who made it, who designed it, how it was made, how it came to be.

So for those of you that are hoping to see me styling jewellery or other accessories with an outfit, you’ll probably want to move on to another blog. However, for those of you who are reading this sentence, (already for that: a big thank you!) you may have a desire to know the back story as I do.

I’m not talking just about how a designer came to be known or how the designer came to even be in the industry. I’m wanting also to explore the people who are often forgotten about and not seen. The people who are using their hands creating the very pieces we are wearing. Those in production houses, factories, call them what you will. The people whose talents we often overlook.

That’s not to say that the designer shouldn’t get any credit! Of course they should, and through this blog, they certainly will. It’s about giving the narrative of the whole of the behind the scenes process from the creative inception right through to its production.

Still with me? Great! I hope that you find these designers stories as interesting as I do.